Alexandra Jiříčková

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Czech Republic, Prague

Studies: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
(studio of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdenek Beran),  2003 - 2009.

I deal mainly with oil painting and watercolor painting.
I also teach drawing and painting techniques.

Solo Exhibitions:

2023 Nature on paper (In the botanical garden Průhonice)
2023 Metamorphosis (In the Pilsen City Hall building)
2023 Flores (v Café Kamzík)
2022 Side Effect (in Fouyer Gallery in Rokycany)
2020 Birds and Other Paintings (in Gallery and Wine Shop Vínečko, Brno)
2014 Enthusiastic Reader ...and Other Paintings (v Municipal Library Nymburk) foto
2012 Alexandra Jiříčková - Daydreaming (in Fouyer Gallery in Rokycany)   radio spot  foto  article
2012 Alexandra Jiříčková - Oil Panttings (in Xalibo Gallery in Mladá Boleslav) vitual view
2011 Alexandra Jiříčková - Oil Paintings (in MAJA Gallery in Český Krumlov)  foto
2011 Alexandra Jiříčková - Oil Paintings (in Artotheque of Municipal Library in Prague - Opatov) foto

Group Exhibitions:

2023 Music in pictures, pictures in music (Brtnice Castle)
2023 Spring flower festival (Osek) with Markéta Hozáková
2022 Waiting for Spring (together with Lenka Vojtěchová in Artotheque of Municipal Library in Prague - Opatov)
2014 Nablízko a nadostřel 4 (Galerie Klatovy, Sýpka Klenová) 2013 Group exhibition in ARS21 Gallery in Český Krumlov
2012 Students and graduate of Prague AVU - School of Traditional Painting Techniques (Muzeum středního Pootaví - Strakonice)
2012 Recent graduate of AVU - School ZB (Navrátil Gallery in Prague)
2011 Hype-r-r (group ehibition of Czech realistic and hyperrealistic artests in artpro gallery in Prague)  article
2010 Obrázkáři (together with Miroslav Mařenec in AVU Gallery in Prague)
2010 Girl's Dream (group exhibition in Michal mine)  foto
2010 Girl's Dream (group exhibition in synagogue in Hranice)
2009 Art for life (II. beneficial exhibition to support the fight against AIDS - The Chemistry Gallery and Icon Hotel Prague)
2009 Diplomanti AVU (group exhibition of graduate in 2009 - Veletržní Palace - National Gallery Prague)
2009 Dívčí sen - Girl's Dream (group exhibition in Brno National Theatre - Reduta)  article
2008 Lyrical brutality (together with Markéta Urbanová and Jan Gemrot in XXL Gallery in Louny)
2008 Defenestration (exhibition of AVU students - prof. Zdeněk Beran's studio in Novoměstská radnice)
2007 AVU 18 (exhibition of AVU students in Veletržní Palace - National Gallery Prague)
2005 Sonda I, Sonda II (Group exhibitions with the students of Professor Beran's workshop - Pelle's Villa, Prague)

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